In the database you can ...

access your data any place, any time
complete your doctoral thesis information
supplement information on your second supervisor
document achievements for the Research School Certificate
get online approval of your activities by the CCO
prove your eligibility for Research School PLUS
upload important files such as reports, certificates, etc.
update your status, to stay in touch as alumni

My database

As defined within the universities Enrolment Regulations, every doctoral researcher (i.e. “doctoral status” at RUB) is required to disclose following basic data to the doctoral database of RUB to complete their enrolment.

To register login to the database; with this step, you complete your enrolment.
The registration guarantees free access to RUB Research School offers and more importantly, provides you with an efficient data administration system for your activities and achievements.

* Your data is handled with utmost care and according to privacy protection laws

<div class="nivo-caption_left" style="padding:1%;"><b style="font-size:9pt;">How to register: Simply login to the database and fill out your basic data</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_left" style="padding:1%;"><b style="font-size:9pt;">It's easy to complete your doctoral database profile</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_left" style="padding:1%;"><b style="font-size:9pt;">The central coordination office (CCO) offers technical support and assistance</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_left" style="padding:1%;"><b style="font-size:9pt;">Your qualification profile: Get your credits approved interactively</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_left" style="padding:1%;"><b style="font-size:9pt;">Upload important files and further achievements</b></div><div class="nivo-caption_left" style="padding:1%;"><b style="font-size:9pt;">Short facts: The summary of your basic data</b></div>

Help your university help you

By completing and cultivating your profile, you assist our university to better understand the situation of doctoral researchers and support you based on reliable data. The information gathered reflects the impact of your research at RUB and helps us compare standards to national and international levels.

The Research School is further able to create new offers, whether it be events, activities or workshops to enhance your personal skills and professional development.