Peer Coaching Workshop Series of RUB Research School - starting on April 29, 2015

Dear peers,
we cordially would like to invite you to our first Peer Coaching Workshop Series of RUB Research School.

Doing our doctorates is a intensive and challenging time in which we are also facing problems, conflicts or difficult situations. We have to deal with writer's blocks, lack of motivation, lack of orientation, problems in the working group or with the supervisor. We all now these situations, but how to deal with them?

To work out strategies for situations like these we initiated the Peer Coaching Workshops - from doctoral researcher for doctoral researchers. We will support the exchange beyond our disciplines, support our critical self-reflexion and work out & discuss new "survival strategies" for our doctorate. Participating in the peer coaching workshops will help us to develop new perspectives, new ideas and new options how to deal with the more difficult situations while doing our research.

For the first time the peer coaching workshops offer an established exchange forum without any hierarchy in which we will benefit from the creativity and experiences of the whole group. Take the opportunity to network and benefit from the joint knowledge & experiences of doctoral researchers in different stages of our doctorate.

We are really looking forward to seeing you!
Annika Döring (doctoral researcher, philosophy)
& Nikola Georgina Haneke (doctoral researcher, biology)

Topics of the Peer Coaching Workshops: conflict management, time- and selfmanagement, crisis interventions

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23.04.2015 10:49 Age: 4 yrs