RESOLV Workshop: Career Strategies

am 23. März 9:00-17:00 Uhr im ZEMOS-Gebäude
Sprache: Englisch.
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Der Workshop zielt auf Karrieren in Industrie und Forschung. Der Aspekt der "internationalen Karriere" fließt stark mit ein. Der Workshop ist optimal für Postdocs und advanced PhDs geeignet:

Career Strategies, Career Structures, Career Networks

Mostly, professional strengths and expertise are put in the focus when planning your career, seeking the right job or the appropriate and desired position. That is a good approach, but it is often just not enough. Only a fraction of vacancies/positions are advertised, while quite a number of positions are created for instance by one’s own initiative, third party funded projects or the skill to be “accidentally” in the right spot at just the right time, for example if an informal (small) talk at a conference suddenly turns into promising a idea for a co-operative project...

Therefore, not only the goal-oriented research activities, but also the skill to form, maintain and use effective strategic networks in communities is among the key competences for successful careers in academia, industry, commerce and politics. For international researchers pursuing a career in Germany these network activities often reveal structural weak spots which will be identified within this seminar, while activation exercises will offer strategies to decrease those weak spots.Within this interval training and coaching you will have the opportunity to analyze your network activities systematically, to optimize it purposefully for your career path and to gain routine to authentically put your strengths into practice.

Trainer: Christine Behrens
Christine Behrens, born 1975, studied Anglistics and Political Science for her master’s degree at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. The linguistic focus of her studies ‚Semantic structures in everyday language’ executives to dissolve career relevant barriers on the linguistic level.
Her experiences in political systems and her expertise of political theories benefit in reflecting the handling of power proportions and dynamics in organisations. This is especially effective in the framework of strategic network analyses regarding international career development

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