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SYLFF-Mikrokolleg „Forced Migration“ - 2 more grants available

The RUB Research School in cooperation with the Tokio Foundation offers two grants for doctoral researchers within the Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF).

The fellows will be funded for three years with 1200 Euros monthly. They will be part of a small, highly interdisciplinary research group and work on individual doctoral projects within different research perspectives under the overarching topic of forced migration. The Mikrokolleg is located at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and professors from different disciplines defined research perspectives doctoral candidates can apply for.

The SYLFF Mikrokolleg invites the application of excellent young researchers with a strong interest in research on international forced migration, with a background in economics, law, political science or sociology and with a clear commitment towards cross-disciplinary cooperation.

Research Topic of the SYLFF-Mikrokolleg: Forced Migration

The fellows of the SYLFF-Mikrokolleg will work on a variety of aspects related to international forced migration which is understood as a cross-border “migratory movement in which an element of coercion exists, including threats to life and livelihood, whether arising from natural or man-made causes” (International Organisation for Migration). The fellows will

  • analyse the root causes of international forced migration in the home countries, including poverty, loss of land, and the persecution due to ethnicity, traditions and religious beliefs,
  • focus on the rights of forced migrants and refugees in different legal orders and on the duties of the involved actors, including the host state, international of regional organisations,
  • and / or will analyse the geographies of movement by comparing the characteristics of different important migration routes.

The SYLFF-Mikrokolleg invites the application of excellent young researchers with a strong interest in research on international forced migration, with a background in economics, law, political science, sociology or any other related field and with a clear commitment towards cross-disciplinary cooperation.

Research Perspectives within the SYLFF-Mikrokolleg

The different perspectives formulated by the cooperation professors are the following:

Application Process

The application form “Sylff-Kolleg” has to be used for the application. On the last page of this form all documents are listed you have to submit together with the application form. A signed hardcopy of the application form with two letters of documentation and all necessary documents have to be sent to Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu between 26 June 2017 and 24 September 2017.

Find the Application Form here.

Please note: Applicants are expected to apply with an individual research project that has to be linked to one of the research perspectives. Applicants decide for themselves about their individual research projects (an exposé is needed) and about the research perspective they interlink their project with (this has to be explained in the application form). In case of funding they will be supervised by the researcher responsible for the respective research perspective.

Duties of the grantee:
Please communicate immediately important changes of your personal conditions as well as interruptions, changes or abandonment of the research project and an adequate use of the grant. For organisational reasons we kindly ask you to send your application documents without any cover or folder. Thank you!

Your contact at RUB Research School

Dr. Sarah Gemicioglu

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(esp. PR.INT, IRB, Additional Support, Int.Mo.P.)

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All fellows become members of RUB Research School which provides an attractive international research and social environment for doctoral researchers and support for their academic and non-academic future career. The fellows will have the possibility to apply for additional funding of RUB Research School PLUS and the Tokio Foundation, such as for field research and conference organisation.

The funding will start January 15th 2018. The grant will be extended after each year on the basis of an annual report.

On 19 February, 17:30 h at FNO 01/171, RUB Research School proudly announces the start of the interdisciplinary Mikrokolleg “Forced Migration“ and kindly invites you to take part in the kick-off-event


■ 17:30 - 17:40 h: official welcome 

■ 17:40 - 18:00 h: inauguration speech

■ 18:00 - 18:45 h: SYLFF-fellows present their research projects

■ get-together with snacks and drinks

Join the kick-off-event and register via e-mail by 13 February: