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Details on Bidlingmaier Selma:

RUB Faculty, Institute Philology, English Seminar
Type of Project Workshop
International Research Institution University of Copenhagen
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Report With the funding I received from the RUB Research School Plus, I had the opportunity to attend the international workshop Feeling Space: Towards a History of Emotion, Affect, and Space in Copenhagen. The aim of the conference was to investigate the “multiple, mutually constitutive relations between spaces and affect/emotions in different historical contexts”. The very interesting papers presented at the workshop discussed how emotions are elicited by specific habitus, and simultaneously how emotions, as a social and cultural practice in turn affect the formation of spatial configurations such as courts, laboratories, churches, urban landscape, dormitories, etc. Due to the small-group format of the workshop, I had the chance to have long discussions about my work with imminent scholars outside my field of work and gain new insights from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Aside from the stimulating academic exchange, the workshop provided ample opportunity to network with other scholars working on space.
Cooperation Partner

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