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Take a look at our Hall of Fame and the exciting projects supported by the Research School PLUS. New projects are coming soon... maybe yours?

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Location International Research Institution RUB Faculty, Institute Type of Project Name
Berkeley, USA Berkeley, University of California Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Stay Kozachuk Olesia
Berkeley, USA University of California Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Gateway Fellowship Jaedicke Volker
Berlin, DE Staatsbibliothek Berlin; Orientabteilung CERES/Religious Studies Conference (IRB) Jurczyk Thomas
Bern, CH Universität Bern Fakultät für Philologie/ Germanistisches Institut Conference/ Summer School/ Workshops Christ Tobias
Betlehem, PA, US Operando Molecular Spectroscopy & Catalysis Lab, Lehigh University Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry Package Application Kortewille Bianca
Bilbao, ES Network Glia Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Biochemistry II Conference (IRB) Thatenhorst Denis
Bilbao, Spain Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness and Deusto Business School Instistute of Applied Work Sciences Conference Lienert Antje
Birmingham, USA The University of Alabama Civil and Environmental Engineering, Institute for Structural Mechanics Research Stay Koster Michael
Bochum, DE International Graduate School of Neuroscience Medical Faculty/ Department of Medicine Package Application Hauser Maximilian
Bochum, DE RUB Faculty of Mathematics Event Organisation Kranz Thorsten