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Details on Conference Funk Alexandra:

RUB Faculty, Institute Philosophy and Educational Sciences, Institute for Educational Sciences
Type of Project
International Research Institution
Location Hildesheim, Germany
Report Presenting and discussing results of one’s own study is a great experience for any PhD student. Being able to get good feedback from other researchers who are working on similar topics in related areas, and who are willing to share their knowledge and approaches can help tremendously in expanding one’s own approaches, modify the dissertation project and get in contact with other researchers in order to plan for new collaborations. The 14th Fachgruppentagung Pädagogische Psychologie (PAEPS) in Hildesheim, Germany in September 2013, which is a multinational conference, where researchers in the field of educational psychology from Austria, Germany, Swiss and the Netherlands come together, did that for me. Not only could I present and discuss my work with other researchers in the field, but I gained a lot of new insights for my next project. New opportunities for future collaborative projects with established researches also arose. All in all, the conference participation was a valuable experience that provided me with helpful input for writing my dissertation and the time thereafter. Therefore I would like to thank the Research School for providing me with this opportunity by funding my participation
Cooperation Partner

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