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Take a look at our Hall of Fame and the exciting projects supported by the Research School PLUS. New projects are coming soon... maybe yours?

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Location International Research Institution RUB Faculty, Institute Type of Project Name
Venice, Italy The European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation Summer School Lülf Charlotte
Addis Ababa, ET World Conference on Humanitarian Studies Conference (IRB) Ramsahye Robin
Düsseldorf, Germany ASME Turbo Expo 2014 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Conference Schramm Andreas
Leuven, BE KU Leuven; Pneumology Abteilung für Molekulare und Medizinische Virologie Lab Visit/ Research Stay Maaske Andre
Sydney, AU Australian Proteome Analysis Facility Analytical Chemistry Package Application Hundt Franziska
Lake Tahoe/San Diego, US Pennsylvania State University Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology Package Application Stepanek Jennifer
Yokohama, Japan Yokohama City University Biochemie der Pflanzen Lab Visit / Research Stay Veit Sebastian
Los Angeles, USA UCLA Biology and Biotechnology Lab Visit Liauw Pasqual
Riverside, USA University of California Biology and Biotechnology Research Stay Saygi Tan
Delemont, Switzerland Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences Internationa Biology and Biotechnology Research Stay Gründken Michaela

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