• What is important for planning my postdoctoral career?
  • How can I get funding for my postdoc project?
  • How can I finance a research stay abroad and what do I have to consider?
  • Do I want to stay in academia or should I focus on non-scientific opportunities?
  • Is working as a postdoc family-friendly?

If these or other questions come up while you are planning the first steps of your postdoc career, we invite you to discuss these issues with us. We offer personal advising on what is important to start your postdoc career.

In addition, we provide first orientation for funding opportunities for Postdocs.

To make an appointment, please contact Dr. Ursula Justus.


RUB supports you in research, teaching, and internationalization. Find more information about the funding opportunities of RUB on the Research Portal.

With the following overview over the main funding opportunities for postdocs you gain first insights on financing options for your Postdoc research: