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Workshop "How to develop a research funding strategy? (Workshop and personal consultation)"


11.–12.05.2017; day 1: workshop; day 2: personal consultation (30 - 45 min per participant);...

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Qualification and Workshops

Postdocs require certain skills when coping with new responsibilities and taking up various opportunities:

  • Additional and more autonomous research (e.g. own research project, third-party funding, supervision, teaching)
  • Establishing an individual research profile and reputation
  • Self-management, research management and leadership
  • Integrating within the institutionalised scientific structures and communities
  • Orientation on various career paths within or outside academia
  • Personal decisions about mobility, family and career

To further improve your competences and gain more insights, we offer workshops and seminars in German and English on:


  • Orientation and requirements profile for postdocs
  • Job interviews and competition for postdoc positions
  • Career development and leadership skills as postdocs
  • Career paths outside academia

Working within research

  • Research management, -evaluation and application for funds
  • Interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation
  • Science and general public

In addition to the postdoc workshops, you can also participate in other events and seminars of Research School. Click here to learn more.

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For the documentation of your individual qualification profile, we provide you with a certificate. It indicates your participation in workshops, events and programmes of Research School. Thereby, you can visualize your qualification activities and gained skills in a structured way.

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Workshop & Event Registration
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