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What is personal competence training?

Your ability to communicate in research is a key competence for your career.

Writing a complex thesis, publishing an article in a peer-reviewed journal, presenting research by a talk or a poster, making a contribution to an ongoing research discussion, networking with other researchers or submitting a research proposal – are challenges for every successful researcher.

We offer high-level training to develop your personal communication skills: Workshops that combine state-of-the-art knowledge with tools for professional communication, and strategies for different formats and contexts - from research-related peer communication to the communication with non-experts. All that in the space of a safe environment where you don't have to hesitate to make your own experiences, to prove and to improve yourself. Free from any judgment.

You work on your individual style, learn how to master written and unwritten rules  and reach your personal goals for effective communication.

Choose according to your individual needs and interests, among the following areas of development:

  • Scientific writing
  • Scientific presentation
  • Individual communication strategies
  • Proposal writing and evaluation of proposals

The workshops are systematically evaluated by the participants and we always appreciate your feedback.