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Looking for funding opportunities for your research?
We help you to raise your own money!

  • Scholarships for your doctoral project
  • PhD prizes and awards
  • Funding to go abroad
  • Funding to publish your thesis
  • Postdoc scholarships and projects

Advising Offers

You are looking for information or guidance in your doctorate?

We support you in finding answers to personal questions and concerns by offering non-research-related advice and orientation. Use the advising offer for a variety of concerns such as:

    • Should I do doctorate and what does this mean in relation to my time, effort and personal life?
    • How and where do I begin?
    • Should I continue my doctorate and what coping stretegies should I improve on?
    • What funding opportunities do I have for a doctorate?

We offer you good-practice advice for better management of your doctoral studies. Personal issues as well as funding opportunities for your research can offer a good foundation for a dialogue and advising session.