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After you have finished your Ph.D., you face new challenges and various opportunities. Although career paths are quite different within the diverse disciplines, there are many interdisciplinary issues relevant for all postdocs. Our programme will support you in making your first steps in a scientific or non-scientific career. All Postdocs at RUB can register for each of the individual events, workshops or consulting services, which are all free of charge.

Networking, Insider Exchange & Research Mentors

Networking and inside knowledge on different career related issues are key aspects of planning your first steps as a postdoc. RS offers different events to network within your peer group but also to discuss with distinguished experts topics such as:

  • Scientific and non-scientific career
  • External funding
  • University policies and system

In addition, we offer a personalised Insider Exchange programme, which provides you with the opportunity to meet various Insiders from industries and private economy. Research Mentors of RUB answer questions about career paths, strategies and demands. These experts can give you their inside views on career options and requirements on an individual basis. 

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Qualification and Workshops

To further improve your scientific and career related skills, we offer a variety of workshops for a comprehensive qualification as a postdoc. These interdisciplinary workshops train you in:

  • Research management and external funding application
  • Requirements and strategies for scientific and non-scientific career
  • Supervision and leadership

Here you find detailed information on the workshop programme

Advising and Funding

We offer personal advice to help you planning your first decisions and steps for your postdoc career.

In addition, we provide first orientation for funding opportunities. With an overview of the main possibilities for postdocs at Ruhr-Universität and of national and international funds, we help you to gain first insights on financing options.

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International Research Career at RUB

Research School offers different programmes and funding for outgoing and incoming postdocs and experienced researchers:

  • Gateway Fellowship
  • Visiting International Professor Grant
  • Research Explorer Ruhr
  • International Mobility Programme (Int.Mo.P.)


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For general information on our postdoc programme and the various offers as well as your ideas and feedback, please contact:

Annegret Kunde

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