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International Course Catalogue

Multilingual workshops, seminars and lectures
Every semester, the International Office publishes the International Course Catalogue containing information on lectures and seminars in English (and other foreign languages) as well as international RUB master programmes. Although this catalogue is primarily designed for international students, you are welcome to join if you contact the lecturer prior to every course to confirm your participation.
The course participation can be acknowledged within the Research School programme, if it supports your research qualification and project. It is essential however, that these activities are NOT part of your own study courses. Please provide the respective documentation of your participation for the formal acknowledgement.

What is research-related training?

Courses and lectures, literature and methodology seminars, workshops and conferences offered by your own faculty fall under the category „research-related training“. Research-related are activities connected to your own individual project and your particular discipline – these are not activities offered by the Research School.

According to the following general criteria however, a great number of your colloquia achievements can be credited for the „Research-Related“ section of the Research School certificate:

  • Discussions on recent scientific knowledge
    Acquired in research group seminars, research colloquia, journal clubs or individual talks and lectures held by international guest or participating scientists.
  • * Forschungs- und Doktorandenkolloquien, Lehrstuhlseminare, Gastvorträge, Summer Schools etc.

  • Discussions on special research methods
    Acquired in methodology seminars, lab courses, research colloquia, lectures or summer schools, focussing mainly on methodological issues.

  • Active participation in scientific communication
    Acquired in research workshops, master classes, summer schools and conferences with the opportunity to discuss your research work with field experts. Acknowledged are talks or posters with you as main author, indicating the title of the talk or poster (a poster of the same version can only be aknwoldged once, regardless of how the numbe of events). Talks or posters within research group seminars or research colloquia of chairs or working groups will not be acknowledged here.