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Engineering Sciences Hosts (2017)

Markus König - Computing in Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Area

The research areas of interest are Building Information Modeling (BIM), wearable sensing and communication technologies, ergonomics, informatics, construction safety and health, and virtual reality. The potential candidate is expected to have an extended background in any of these topics. The particular research application domain is construction worker safety and health status monitoring and reporting.

Candidate Profile

Advanced experiences in the fields of

  • programming (any kind),
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR),
  • construction safety and health,
  • ergonomics (e.g., body area networks),
  • remote sensing, and
  • wearable technologies

are advantageous. Very good communication skills (written and verbal, e.g., German or English) are of essence.

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