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International Political Sociology Meets Sociology of Work and Employment

Prof. Marissa Brookes
University of California, Riverside


Prof. Sarbrina Zajak
Institute for Social Movements

Project Summary

Sabrina Zajak and Marissa Brookes are collaborating on research that investigates networks of labor activists and the relationship between trade unions and transnational social movements. Their collaborative research will use theories of labor, power, institutions, and transnationalism to guide the empirical analysis of contemporary transnational activist campaigns and international cooperation among actors from a variety of social movements. They have organized a panel on "Transnational Cross-Movement Alliances, Coalitional Power and the New Global Politics of Labour" for the International Conference on Cross-Movement Mobilization at Ruhr University in April 2017. In addition to the conference and collaboration on publication projects, Zajak and Brookes are organizing two PhD workshops, including a paper development session for doctoral students.