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Developmental Neuroscience

Prof. Nadine Gaab
Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, USA


Prof. Sarah Weigelt
Developmental Neuropsychology

Research stay at Gaab Lab, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA (10/15 – 12/15)

I stayed at Gaab Lab, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School (MA, USA) from October to December 2015. The aim of my visit was to acquire new methodological skills by learning a complex technique in the lab of Nadine Gaab who is one of the leading experts in this field. I was able assist in every step of the research projects such as obtaining (functional) magnetic resonance imaging data from infants and children from various populations, e.g. autism and dyslexia, as well as data analysis, scripting and scientific writing, and have also gained competences in order to conduct my own research projects in the future. Participating in the scanning sessions was especially fascinating for me as was the introduction to preprocessing and analyzing data obtained during these sessions. As a final part of my research stay I had the opportunity to conduct my own small project focusing on sex differences in language processing.
Furthermore, I participated in lab meetings where I had the opportunity to hear more about current research projects, gained insight in the organization of large research projects and enjoyed various interesting talks given by other researchers at Harvard University. Concluding, I’d like to say that this research stay has definitely been beneficial not only for my Ph.D. project but also for my future as a researcher.