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Assesment of Customer Needs in the Sales Context

Prof. Zachary Hall
Texas Christian University


Prof. Jan Wieseke
Sales & Marketing Department

The VIP grant allowed Prof. Dr. Jan Wieseke to further collaborate with Prof. Dr. Zachary Hall, Professor for Marketing at TCU within the Neeley School of Business. Prof. Dr. Hall’s research expertise is in the field of salesperson performance with the focus on salespeople’s perceptual accuracy throughout the sales process. His early work was directly based on some Prof. Dr. Wieseke’s prior research. The VIP grant enabled these two to leverage their expertise together on research aimed at Marketing’s premier journals.

June 2017

Prof. Dr. Zachary Hall visited Ruhr-Universität Bochum to collaborate with Prof. Dr. Wieseke, Prof. Dr. Sascha Alavi, and Annika Hogrebe. During this first visit, the researchers were able to work out the foundation for research on the dynamics sensing throughout the sales process. At its current stage, the researchers plan 5-6 separate academic papers with data collection beginning in October 2017.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Hall taught a week long International Sales Module on persuasion to the Sales Management Master’s Program. The course was attended by 31 Master’s students. Prof. Dr. Hall met with each student and student team individual for feedback and coaching for their final projects in the course.

At the end of his first visit, Prof. Dr. Hall presented to the Marketing Ph.D. students an overview of his research and gave guidance to publishing research in academia. He met with many Ph.D. students afterwards to consult them on their individual projects.