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Liquefied Natural Gas

Prof. Eric May
University of Western Australia, Australia


Dr. Markus Richter

Seminar on the Future of (Liquefied) Natural Gas – December 2015

Many places in the world are undergoing a significant turnaround in where their energy comes from. This is raising many important questions, such as what are the roles of natural gas and of carbon capture and storage (CCS), particularly in an international context? At the institute of thermo- and fluid dynamics (faculty of mechanical engineering), two interna-tionally renowned professors in thermodynamics discussed this question on December 1, 2015 with an audience of more than 50 colleagues. The newly appointed Visiting Interna-tional Professor (VIP) Eric May gave a seminar lecture on the future of natural gas and LNG, and Prof Martin Trusler from Imperial College London presented a seminar on the challeng-es and opportunities for CCS. Prof Trusler was awarded a VIP grant in February 2016.

Furthermore, Prof May helped the team at RUB, and in particular the PhD candidate Gergana Tsankova, to characterise a microwave re-entrant cavity resonator for phase-equilibrium measurements of fluid mixtures – a central task within Ms Tsankova’s PhD project. He also worked with PhD candidate Rafael Lentner and Prof Richter to identify key binary mixtures requiring in need of high-accuracy density measurements using RUB’s specialised cryogenic densimeter to improve the description of LNG mixtures.

DAAD Project: Visit of PhD candidate Gergana Tsankova in Australia – February 2016

Gergana Tsankova, PhD candidate at RUB’s institute of thermo- and fluiddynamics, visited Prof May for two months at the University of Western Australia in Perth starting in February 2016. The main objectives of the trip were to learn about the electrical modelling of micro-wave cavities and to further develop the capabilities of rapid microwave measurements for thermophysical property research.

Joint lecture on “Experimental Thermodynamics” – July 2016

In late June and early July, Prof May returned to RUB for two weeks together with his Aus-tralian colleagues Dr Paul Stanwix and Dr Darren Rowland. The trip again coincided with a visit by VIP Trusler, who together with Prof May delivered a joint lecture within the Experi-mental Thermodynamics course of Prof Richter for the Masters in Energy & Process Engi-neering and Masters of Automotive Engineering degrees. Prof May and Prof Richter helped PhD candidate Gergana Tsankova design the final set of experiments needed for her disser-tation, which included the first ever quantitative measurements of the dielectric permittivity of CO at high pressure!

Profs Richter and May together with Dr Stanwix and Ms Tsankova then began planning a proposal for the DFG that builds upon the outcomes of Ms Tsankova’s PhD. They acquired preliminary data and conducted numerical simulations to show how dielectric permittivity, speed of sound and fluid viscosity could be measured simultaneously with re-entrant cavi-ties. The proposal was submitted to the DFG in August 2016.

During this trip, Prof May and Dr Rowland also worked with Prof Rolan Span, Prof Richter and Dr Monika Thol regarding the development of a new optimised equation of state for LNG mixtures. This EOS will improve upon existing models through the use of the high-accuracy densities measured by PhD candidate Rafael Lentner, VLE and heat capacity data produced by Prof.May’s laboratory, and the specialised modelling expertise of Prof Span and his team.

PhD defense of Gergana Tsankova – December 2016

Prof May returned to RUB for the third time in 12 months to act as one of three reviewers for Gergana Tsankova’s PhD thesis. During this stay, he also worked with Prof Richter and Ms Tsankova to complete and submit the second journal article from this VIP collaboration.

Moreover, he helped deliver a lecture on the fundamentals of thermodynamics for the sales engineering students at RUB and then “tweeted” about it.

Prof May also continued working with Prof Span and Dr Thol on the new equation of state (EOS) for LNG. Significant progress has been made on this new EOS as a result of the density data produced by PhD candidate Rafael Lenter, who Prof May has also advised in his role as VIP and is on track to complete his thesis by mid-2017.

Plans were developed for trips to Australia in 2017 by Prof Richter and Dr Tsankova (Febru-ary-March), and Prof Span in August, as well as for visits by Prof May and his team to con-tinue the ever-strengthening collaboration between RUB and UWA.

Joint Publications

Tsankova, G.; Richter, M.; Madigan, A.; Stanwix, P.; May, E. F.; Span, R.: Characterisation of a microwave reentrant cavity resonator for phase-equilibrium measurements and new dew point data for a (0.25 argon + 0.75 carbon dioxide) mixture. J. Chem. Thermodyn. 101 (2016), 395 – 404.

Tsankova, G.; Stanwix, P.; May, E. F.; Richter, M.: Dew points, dielectric permittvities and densities for (argon + carbon dioxide) mixtures determined with a microwave re-entrant cavity resonator. Submitted to J. Chem. Eng. Data (2016).