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Hands-on Training on Robotic Applications

Prof. Zoltán Forgó
Sapientia University, Targu Mures, Romania


Prof. Bernd Kuhlenkötter
Chair of Production Systems (LPS)

The VIP Grant allows the cooperation between Associate Professor Zoltán Forgó and Professor Bernd Kuhlenkötter at the Chair of Production Systems (LPS) to provide doctoral researchers of the Chair with a practical hands-on training in industrial robot applications covering the whole range from modeling of a workcell, offline programming of the robots and the peripheral components up to virtual commissioning of the cell and ramp-up of the real production cell. The program during the VIP Grant will start with the required fundamentals ranging from kinematic descriptions of robot manipulators up to the robot and peripheral components and systems to present and establish the basics for robotic applications. As the second part Associate Professor Zoltán Forgó will bring the researchers into contact with robot workcell simulation and robot offline programming and gives a practical impression of using workcell simulation systems. The last step, the so-called virtual commissioning bridges the gap between simulation and reality.

The doctoral researchers will take benefit from this program as

  • they will be introduced into comprehensive process in developing automation applications,
  • they acquire knowledge in the most important disciplines of robot-based automation: idea, simulation and realization,
  • they will be provided with training packages in the different areas including the practical realization, and
  • they will attend a program bringing the qualification in all required steps for applying robot-based automation in industrial production processes.

Associate Professor Zoltán Forgó will

  • develop a strategy to cover the range described above,
  • design appropriate means of learning and knowledge transfer,
  • conduct the different steps of training for the doctoral researches and
  • evaluate the developed methods as being an appropriate way of knowledge transfer.

Furthermore the teaching materials and concepts developed, evaluated and optimized here will serve as a base for further training of the next generations of doctoral researchers as well as for preparing students for working as scientific coworkers in research projects and maybe to even become doctoral researchers.

March 2017

Assoc. Prof. Forgó had the first visit during the VIP Grant at the Institute Product and Service Engineering, and had an insight in the research and education life of the Institute. The cooperating researchers decided that the learning factory of the Institute provides an excellent environment to fulfill the aim of the Grant, by offering the required realization platform for the practical work. The close-to-industry infrastructure assures a wide range of simulation systems and models as well as robot work cells for automated and for human robot cooperation. During the stay the agenda of the further activity was set to fulfill the undertaken aims.

The next visit of Assoc. Prof. Forgó to RUB is planned in November 2017.