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About Science College

The opportunity to get in contact with the diversity of science at large, the intellectual exchange and communication across disciplinary boundaries, makes the RUB Research School unique. Science College is one of the most appropriate means to direct budding researchers' attention to overarching issues of science and society. The event covers recent transdisciplinary research topics and involves leading minds of relevant disciplines.

To receive the Research School certificate, doctoral researchers have to participate in Science College once during the doctorate.


Science College 2017
"Taking your research to a broader public"


2017’s Science College featured experts and their perspectives & experiences on knowledge transfer and engaging the public with research. Participants attended talks by Kristin Raabe, Dr. Ulrike Brandt-Bohne, Dr. Sarah Jahn, and Prof. Christof Paar.

They emphasized that society wants to engage in public discussions and they encouraged the participants to find their individual approach through media, talks, and workshops. Moreover, they elaborated on the need to address varying expectations and the effects engaging the public can have on one’s career and reputation. In the following panel discussion, the four experts and moderator Prof. Richter exchanged their experience and strategies to communicate research publicly.

During the afternoon, participants had the opportunity to partake in workshops held by Kristin Raabe, Dr. Ulrike Brandt-Bohne, Ulrich Grünewald, Dr. Tobias Maier (all from NaWik - “Nationales Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation”). Within small groups, the participants trained their skills and strategies on how to communicate the key message of their research and how to interact successfully with a non-expert audience.

Science College 2017 closed with an wrap-up followed by a get-together to provide the opportunity for an informal exchange.