Registration: Paper writing: expert input to advance your papers and to develop a publication strategy (publish or perish) - first publication experience

Venue: FNO 01/171
Time: 09.00 - ca. 17.30 hrs (incl. 1 h lunchbreak)
Trainer: Prof. Dr. Bodil Holst
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 0,25 CP for the doctoral training programme of RUB-RS Certificate


This workshop is particularly helpful for researchers who would like to advance their strategies to organise papers and who would like to develop an individual publication strategy supported by a highly experienced researcher.


Course description

This workshop has two main goals. Firstly, to provide the participants with a set of “tools” helping them to present their scientific results in a clear and interesting way and secondly to make them aware of various strategic issues connected to paper writing (which journal to publish in, cover letter to the editor etc.). The workshop is presented in English. The participants are encouraged to bring drafts of own papers, in particular an abstract for at least one paper, but this is not a prerequisite.


Section 1 – Introduction


Section 2 – Scientific Paper Writing

  • the structure of a scientific paper
  • drafting a paper
  • Do´s and Dont´s
    • language
    • illustrations
  • the abstract and the title
    • exercise: your own abstract

Section 3 – Scientific Paper Writing Strategy (Publish or Perish)

  • What journal to publish in?
  • The importance of the cover letter to the editor.
  • A paper or a patent or both?

Section 4 – After Submission

  • How to handle the referees comments?


Prof. Dr. Bodil Holst is a physician and active researcher. She holds a chair at the Dep. of Physics and Technology at the University of Bergen, Norway and published many successful papers as first author. She recently published a book on scientific writing: "Scientific Paper Writing. A survival guide."


Date: 27.06.2018

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