Registration: Exploring your postdoctoral career options in academia and beyond (Workshop and personal consultation) - English/ on demand in German

Venue: FNO 01/171
Time: day 1: Workshop 9.30 - 17.00 h (incl. 1 h lunchbreak); day 2: Personal consultation for each participant (30 - 45 min per participant)
Trainer: Dr Thomas Koch
Language: English / on demand of participants in German
Participants: max. 12 persons


The programme is designed to provide career guidance for early postdoctoral researchers who are undecided whether to continue their career in academia. It combines a one-day workshop with a one-to-one consultation session to address specific challenges in the individual setting.


Course description

Taking an international perspective, the initial one-day workshop addresses the particularities of conducting research in higher education institutions, highlights the criteria for career progression and explores core elements of strategy for developing and consolidating your career as a researcher. It aims to assess the current position, to identify career goals and to develop a road map for how to achieve them. In the one-to-one consultation session you will have the opportunity to discuss specific challenges in more detail and review your plans to prepare for action.

By participating in the programme you will be better equipped to

  • understand the broader context in which research at higher education institutions is conducted
  • identify the dimensions of your current position at your institution
  • appreciate what is important and essential both in your current and future roles
  • recognize your strengths and developmental needs
  • set realistic goals for career development and understand the importance of monitoring progress towards them
  • understand how your career and your research may be influenced by current trends and developments
  • create a road map for your personal setting to navigate through critical situations

Overall, the programme explores the challenges and perspectives of continuing your postdoctoral research career in academia. It also provides a valuable overview of career options outside academia to facilitate pivotal career decision-making at the early postdoctoral stage.



Thomas Koch provides training and guidance for early career researchers to realize their research ideas and career objectives. He also supports higher education institutions and research institutes in research-related strategic initiatives.

Holding a PhD in physical chemistry from the UK, he has eleven years of experience as a researcher throughout Europe and thirteen years of experience as a professional in research management and administration at higher education institutions in Germany.

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Date: 07.–08.02.2019

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