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A big thanks to our alumni who support us with the implementation of the visits in their respective company!

RUB Research School Site Visits

To provide insight into a diverse number of career profiles and paths within industry, the RUB Research School conducts site visits to major companies in the Ruhr area. The hosts introduce the holding company and its segments, present their corporate culture and advise on the required competencies for a career within the company.

The program is specifically designed to benefit doctoral researchers with a variety of disciplinary backgrounds. International doctoral researchers are welcome to participate and gather information about career perspectives in Germany.

Site Visit 2017

Use the opportunity to visit the global, research-driven pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and its site in Dortmund on Wednesday, November 22, 2017.

Gain insights during the „One Day@Boehringer Ingelheim“ about the company and discuss your questions concerning career chances and requirements.
This years‘ Site Visit addresses doctoral students from research fields of biology, chemistry, biotechnology, electrical engineering, pharmacy and medicine. Shortly you will find a detailed program on the „One Day@Boehringer Ingelheim“ here.

Please register via emai to Annegret Kunde for the Site Visit by November 12, 2017. Please indicate your name, faculty and field of research. The number of participants is limited to 25 people (first come, first serve). Please keep in mind, that the Site Visit will be held in German.

<div class="nivo-caption_bottom3" style="font-size:9pt;"><i style="float:right;font-size:7pt;margin: -10px 0px -20px 0px;">March 2014</i><br />It was great to meet several RUB alumni at<b> BAYER</b> who successfully started a career in industry and shared their experiences with current doctoral researchers.</div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom3" style="font-size:9pt;"><i style="float:right;font-size:7pt;margin: -10px 0px -20px 0px;">September 2013</i><br />With a focus on Natural Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Economics, <b>EVONIK Industries</b> in Marl presented 30 doctoral fellows with information on career opportunities and requirements for young scientists in industry.</div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom3" style="font-size:9pt;"><i style="float:right;font-size:7pt;margin: -10px 0px -20px 0px;">September 2013</i><br />The Research School’s first <i>Site Visit</i> at <b>GEA GROUP AG, GEA Farm Technologies GmbH</b>, showed off career options for a great number of research backgrounds and disciplines: Natural Sciences (Biology, Physics), Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology (Robotics, Facial Recognition), Electrical Engineering, Economics and Marketing. </div><div class="nivo-caption_bottom3" style="font-size:9pt;"><i style="float:right;font-size:7pt;margin: -10px 0px -20px 0px;">Oktober 2015</i><br />Volker Stehmann of <b>RWE AG</b> discussed current issues of energy policies as the "energy turnaround" and its influence on business and corporate strategies.Young engineering talent Peter Vent, currently involved with fossil gas resources, shared his hands-on experience on working at <b>RWE</b> with the doctoral researchers.</div>