Visiting International Professors

Research School Visiting International Professors are experienced investigators from abroad who share their knowledge and experience at Ruhr University. They have been invited by their hosts to visit Bochum repeatedly and advise local doctoral researchers.

To follow a given interaction, click on the project titles below. If you wish to learn more about the Visiting International Professor program, click here.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Life Sciences

  • Prof. Russell Kerr
    University of Prince Edwards Island, Canada

    Prof. Robert Kourist
    Microbial Biotechnology

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    Prof. Nadine Gaab
    Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, USA

    Prof. Sarah Weigelt
    Developmental Neuropsychology

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  • Prof. Joseph Heitman
    Duke University, USA

    Prof. Ulrich Kück
    General and Molecular Botany

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    Prof. Xuesong Yang
    Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, Clinical medicine

    Prof. Beate Brand-Saberi
    Institute of Anatomy

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  • Prof. Richard Edden
    John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

    Prof. Tobias Schmidt-Wilcke

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  • Prof. Karen Moxon
    Drexel University, USA

    Prof. Patrik Krieger
    Systems Neuroscience

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Natural & Material Sciences, Engineering