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Exzellenzinitiative: 2006-2012

International guest scientists, numerous cross-disciplinary publications and the smooth transition to a professional career of our alumni give evidence of our success story. We are very proud of the outcome of the first funding period from 2006 - 2012.

Conference Publications

RUB Research School supported several conferences organised by doctoral researchers. In the following publications are listed as outcomes of these conferences:

Julia Eckel, Bernd Leiendecker, Daniela Olek, Christine Piepiorka (eds.)
(Dis)Orienting Media and Narrative Mazes:

Alexandra Klei, Katrin Stoll, Annika Wienert (Hg.)
Die Transformation der Lager Annäherungen an die Orte nationalsozialistischer Verbrechen:

Florian Hoof, Eva-Maria Jung, Ulrich Salaschek (Hg.)
Jenseits des Labors Transformationen von Wissen zwischen Entstehungs- und Anwendungskontext:

Thierry Terret and Sandra Heck (Hg.)Prologue: Sport and Urban Space in Europe: Facilities, Industries, Identities:

PhD Community

More than 600 doctoral researchers and about 450 supervisors are already part of this university-wide and highly interdisciplinary RUB Research School at Ruhr University Bochum. Our doctoral researchers make an important contribution to research at RUB and take over research-orientated teaching responsibilities at an early stage. Doctoral researchers of the RUB Research School work independently on their own research projects. Every doctoral project is supervised by a main supervisor and a co-supervisor, with whom the doctoral researcher works closely. 

In addition to scientific excellence, RUB focuses on providing young researchers and future leaders with a holistic education. Therefor each doctoral researcher has access to a broad selection of courses that give best possible support for their future international academic or professional careers. 

The most unique feature of RUB Research School is the intensive, interdisciplinary academic exchange, which foster a particular scientific community on campus.  

In short:

  • 256 Fellows NSE
  • 156 Fellows LS
  • 249 Fellows HSS


More than 1500 publications and about 1100 journal articles (45 % collaborative) have been published by fellows of RUB Research School since 2006:

Collaborative authorships of two or more research groups (in %)

  • NSE 40 %
  • LS 47 %
  • HSS 25 %

You will find all publications by doctoral fellow of RUB Research School in the individual publication lists.

Beyond Borders

Conference Support
The RUB Research School supports scientific conferences or workshops taking place at the Ruhr University Bochum. The event shall be organised by doctoral fellows - and/or by their supervisors. In all conferences doctoral researchers took over an active role as speaker, chairperson, workshop leader or in presenting a scientific poster.

Research School offers all Research School fellows the opportunity to invite international scientists on an individual, personal basis. Aim of the programme is to give the possibility to establish new research contacts or to foster your already existing partnerships/ networks.

Individual Conference Participations

  • 366 talks at conferences (thereof 161 at intern. conferences)
  • 430 posters at conferences  (thereof 195 at intern. conferences)
  • 733 conference participations (thereof 49% intern. participations


  • 43 Conferences
  • 965 participants from Germany 
  • 971 international participants
  • 240 Speaker from Germany
  • 148 international speaker

Generic Skills

Our doctoral candidates are completely integrated into the complex scientific communication process at all levels. From proposal writing for the necessary support for their research projects to the publication of research papers. From communication training of research results to scientists from their own disciplines to "science goes public" training for communication to scientists from other disciplines and a broader community.

To support the communicative skills of the fellows, the Research School organises high-level training courses to strengthen the individual competencies of doctoral fellows and to support their integration into the scientific community.

Scientific Presentation

  • 44 courses
  • 467participants

Scientific Communication

  • 18 courses
  • 164 participants

Scientific Writing

  • 35 courses
  • 354 participants

Interdisciplinary Events

Science College and Research Day foster scientific exchange within the doctoral community and enhance understanding of research across disciplinary boundaries.

Invited Speaker

"The idea to bring together the most qualified graduate students from all disciplines for cross-disciplinary events is great. Experiencing the atmosphere in this group of students during the discussions, but also during the breaks, gave a very special impression. This is not a random group of students, but really a selection of highly motivated scientists who are able to think out of their boxes, to make contacts beyond their own fields, and who had developed something like a group spirit."
Ferdi Schüth, physical chemist, Director at Max-Planck-Insitut für Kohlenforschung (Coal Research), Mühlheim, in 2003 he received the Leibniz Prize for his research on porous materials, since 2007 he is Vice President of DFG. 


Research cooperations of RUB and international job activities of our alumni
International job activities of our alumni

Up to now about270 fellows completed their doctorate within the programme of the RUB Research School.
They live worldwide in 18 countries and work in responsible positions in academia, business, science management and other professional fields. 

Alumni Network