RUB Research School

Research Academy Ruhr

The Cross-university Platform for the Promotion of Early Career Researchers

Since 2017, Research School has been cooperating with the Graduate Center TU Dortmund and the Graduate Center Plus of the University of Duisburg-Essen to support early career researchers within the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr). This joint initiative is called in Research Academy Ruhr (RAR)

RAR supports about 10,000 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and combines the expertise of more than ten years of innovative support for early career researchers in the Ruhr Area.

In RAR, the graduate institutions develop new concepts to offer doctoral researchers, postdocs, and junior faculty a joint qualification program that gives them the opportunity to strengthen their networks. The joint activities include career and networking events, workshops, and a mentoring program. They promote disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international experience exchange and support the development of individual academic profiles. In addition, an annual orientation event for those interested in pursuing a doctorate is offered.

As one of the largest platforms of its kind in Germany, RAR offers early career scientists of all subject groups the opportunity to establish and expand cross-university networks and to work deliberatley on their individual careers in academia--and beyond!

All RAR event can also be found on the Research School websites.