Training for your career

The Career Guidance programme supports your preparation for a successful career in academia, business, industry, and fields within the public sector. We offer numerous opportunities to actively develop your personal and professional skills in a variety of areas (e.g. project management and leadership skills). Several activities help plan and familiarize you with career perspectives before the completion of your doctorate.

You can build relationships with institutions and representatives from business, industry, administration, and the public sector and collect information about international and domestic job opportunities.

<div style="padding:3%;"><b style="font-size:13pt;">Dialogue between Science and Economy</b><br />Leading figures from the business world invite doctoral researchers for a joint discussion on current issues in science and society. <a href="" style="color:#FF66D1;">more</a></div><div style="padding:3%;"><b style="font-size:13pt;">Wirtschaftskolleg</b><br />The "Economy-College" addresses career oppportunities beyond the institutional framework. <a href="" style="color:#FF66D1;">more</a></div><div style="padding:3%;"><b style="font-size:13pt;">Business Mentoring</b><br />The programme offers you guidance and exchange with an experienced mentor, enabling an excellent transition from science to business. <a href="" style="color:#FF66D1;">more</a></div><div style="padding:3%;"><b style="font-size:13pt;">Site Visits</b> <br />These career excursions provide insights into a diversity of career paths and shows you mechanisms of major companies. <a href="" style="color:#FF66D1;">more</a> </div><div style="padding:3%;"><b style="font-size:13pt;">RUB Career Service</b><br />Get help with your CV at the RUBs own career service portal. <a href="" style="color:#FF66D1;">more</a></div>