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Research School certificate + requirements

The RUB Research School Certificate documents the courses, colloquia and meetings, as well as conferences and workshops you attended during your doctorate. It shows off your individual qualification profile: Research competencies in state-of-the-art research, professional scientific communication and leadership skills, and your ability to discuss research and research-related topics beyond disciplinary borders.

The certificate is awarded with completion of the structured training programme and requires a minimum of 12 CPs in the following qualification areas:


Research-related training

Required are credit points in all three categories: Discussion on recent scientific knowledge, discussion on special research methods, active participation in scientific communication.

8 CP

Generic skills

Generic skills training

In addition to communication and language training, you can gain 1 CP by participating in career guidance workshops, and 1 CP with teaching activities, encouraging knowledge transfer.

3 CP

Special interdisciplinary

Special interdisciplinary events

A participation in both Science College as well as Research Day at least once during your doctorate is compulsory.

1 CP


Yearly report

Part of the structured doctoral training programme is a yearly report agreed upon with your supervisor(s), documenting the state of affairs with an outlook in research. To obtain the RUB Research School Certificate it is required to submit either a short or full version for each membership year at the RUB Research School. To submit a yearly report please got to the database, download, fill out and sign the form sheet before uploading it anew as a PDF (max. 0,5 MB).


    Doctoral researchers who participate in existing doctoral training programmes on campus (“Promotionsstudiengänge” other than RUB RS) can combine their activities for the requirements of the RUB Research School Certificate and vice versa. (details are regulated by your respective programme).

Credit Point Calculation

* The CPs are generally calculated according to the attendance duration of individual training activities

active participation by at least 2 hrs/week regular during semester or more than 3 days

2 CP

active participation by 1 hr/week regular during semester or 2 – 3 days

1 CP

active participation 0,5 - 1 day

0,5 CP


2 CP

interdisciplinary events of RUB-RS (Science College, Research Day)

0,5 CP

teaching activities (in total)

1 CP