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Name Fernandes de Melo , Jose Romario
Research field /
Career stage doctoral researcher
Home university/institution Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)
Department/Research unit at home university/institution Biology and Biotechnology
Chair/Working group at home institution /

International activity

Country Netherlands
Location Amsterdam
University /
Fund Research School PR.INT
Type of activity conference visit
Period No dates specified
Keywords /
Report The final aim of science is generation of knowledge, and the way to it is via communication. Among the several ways of scientific communication stand the conferences. Being part of the Plant Genome Evolution 2013 (in Amsterdam) was an outstanding experience. Joining together in the same hall around 200 participants from 34 different countries was really great for scientific exchange. The conference focus was to sharing the current status of plant evolution research. Among other topics it was discussed about the Genome (DNA) Evolution, ancient and recent Polyploidy events and Plant Diversification via Genome Duplication. The talks of highly profiled PI’s exhibited results of several decades of wet bench work on cutting-edge research which contributed to test new hypotheses on plant evolution. The environment was suitable to exchange information, discuss results and experimental approaches as well as for establishing new collaborations. In my case, I had opportunities to discuss with different speakers about still unclear results of my PhD thesis in order to gain insights based on the strategies they used on their own research. Additionally, at the poster session I was contacted by a Polish Researcher who is working in a new approach to determine gene copy variation in plants and she wants to collaborate with us due to the interesting findings of my work.