RUB Research School


Name Girndt, Katharina
Research field /
Career stage doctoral researcher
Home university/institution Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)
Department/Research unit at home university/institution IEE
Chair/Working group at home institution /

International activity

Country South Africa
Location Cape Town
University /
Fund Research School PR.INT
Type of activity field research
Period No dates specified
Keywords /
Report My research stay in South Africa turned out to be an essential part of my dissertation project on LGBT+ people in South Africa. The expert interviews that I conducted in Cape Town and Johannesburg build a main component of my qualitative data. As I am following an inductive approach, the next step of my research -the data collection in the field- is based on the results of the expert interviews. Next to the generated data, I could build up and strengthen relationship with key players. and I also gained an understanding of the cultural embeddednes of the issue and the postapartheid society in practice.