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Name Chattoraj , Diotima
Research field /
Career stage doctoral researcher
Home university/institution Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)
Department/Research unit at home university/institution IEE
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International activity

Country Canada
Location Montréal
University University of Montreal
Fund Research School PR.INT
Type of activity conference visit
Period No dates specified
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Report This paper addresses the relationship and the degrees of belonging that the Sri Lankan displaced Tamils have to their homes. To understand this relationship between the displaced Tamil with their original home (or Ur) and their negotiations with displacement and resettlement, I propose to analyze the three dimensions of belonging, that is commonality, mutuality and attachment. This provides a useful tool to analyze the various forms of belonging, which I observed among the displaced persons in relation to their original homes. I conducted my ethnographic fieldwork in Sri Lanka and South India. The empirical point of departure is drawn from the stories about displacement of quite a few Sri Lankan Tamils from their place of origin in the Northern province of Sri Lanka. Finally after analyzing the different narratives, I conclude by showing that they exhibit a diverse range of belonging to their homes which depends on a number of factors like time and socio-economic needs.