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Le_03: ONLINE Managing Time & Tasks: setting priorities, dealing with stress and the unplannable

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Online Workshop 
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 h with flexible time schedule and breaks
Trainer: Jonathan Schramke
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 0,25 CP for the doctoral training programme of RUB-RS Certificate

This workshop is particularly helpful for researchers who want to reflect on their individual strategies and skills for a highly autonomous work and life style and who would like to facilitate their competencies in dealing with managing time and tasks.

Course description
The demanding and challenging phase of a doctorate is often accompanied by a shortage of time, stress and conflicting tasks on different levels. There are many balls to juggle while balancing your thesis, professional projects, teaching and private life all at once. Specifically, creating plannable working time for your project, managing all your goals and challenges and your personal life are the key to success.

In detail, this one-day time – and selfmanagement workshop deals with:

  • the view of your own personality structure on a regular basis 
  • tool-box to pick from for your individual personality and timemanagement type
  • the influence of life goals and values on the prioritization and representation of interests, time and tasks
  • deal with the unplannable

The training invites you to observe how we put ourselves under pressure and which inner attitudes lead us to behave as we do – and how to change that! It´s all about identifying your personal best way to manage yourself & your time.

Furthermore, the training offers you the opportunity to exchange experiences with your peers, discussion within groups and self-contemplation.

Jonathan Schramke is a Business Coach (M.A.) as well as a consultant and trainer in management and communication. Focus: self-management, time and stress management, leadership.

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