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Pr_07: IN PERSON & ONLINE: Science Pitch to present your research

For doctoral researchers from all research fields | Level all

In Person & Online Workshop
(if live training in person will not be possible the workshop will be rescheduled for online training)

15.09.2022 live workshop in person
22.09.2022 online workshop
Time: 10.00 – 17.00 hrs with flexible time schedules incl. breaks each day
Trainer: Dr. Stephen Wagner
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 0,75 CP within the doctoral training programme of RUB RS Certificate

This seminar is particularly helpful for researchers who want to communicate their research and research background in a Science Pitch on a professional level.

Course description

You will develop your individual strategy for a Science Pitch to present your research project, but also yourself as a scientist and an expert in your field in a concise and comprehensible way. Based on your strategy and on a simple yet valid narrative structure you will develop your 3-minutes Science Pitch to present your research and yourself. You will have the opportunity to develop and practice your Science Pitch in the workshop and try it out by getting feedback from your peers and the trainer.

To gain flexibility while presenting yourself and your research in a variety of situations, you will be equipped with a toolbox containing a number of different Science Pitch patterns. You will learn how to adjust your Science Pitch for a number of academic and networking occasions and how to combine your Science Pitch with storytelling techniques to make it more personal. You will also learn from the best speakers and scientists by watching and analyzing their video clips.

You will get initial impulses by a short video and an online survey 14 days ahead of the first workshop date. Between the two workshop days you will have the opportunity to work on your Science Pitch and - as an additional option – to record it for the next workshop day.

The workshops focusses on:

  • The Golden Circle: Why? How? What?
  • Science Pitch strategies
  • Science Pitch narratives & storytelling
  • 3-minutes Science Pitch thesis
  • One-Sentence Pitches
  • Science Pitch variations and patterns

Dr. Stephen Wagner is a professional trainer and presentation coach. He holds a PhD in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat.). Prior to starting his own business in 2015, he worked as a geographer and natural scientist on research projects in Europe, Africa, Australia and South America. Stephen brings about 24 years of speaking experience at international science and business conferences, lectures and seminars. His trainings are for scientists and anybody who communicates at the interface between science, business and international affairs.

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