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Pr_09: ONLINE + IN PERSON Presentation Training: Reaching your audience and performing with confidence

For Researchers from Humanities and Social Sciences | Level all

Online + live workshop in person
(if live training will not be possible the workshop will be rescheduled for online training)

Date: 17. (online) + 20.-21.10.2022 (in person)
Day 1: 17.10.2022 online workshop; time will be announced
Day 2 + 3: 20.-21.10.2022 live workshop in person; time will be announced

Trainer: Ric Oquita
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: acknowledged with 1 CP within the doctoral training programme of RUB RS Certificate

This workshop addresses researchers in the humanities and social sciences who would like to present their research in a convincing but individual way and who would like to reach their audience with their talks and presentations.

Course description
Your trainer with a background in theatre will work with you on delivering scientific presentations in both a virtual and live setting that brings across the core message of your research in a clear, structured and explicit way. You will work on your individual presentation style, learn how to win over your audience and how to perform with confidence in both a virtual and live format.

On the first day, you will meet remotely a morning online plenary session to develop and train strategies to reduce the complexity of your research in a structured way, with the aim to communicate the key results and findings of your research convincingly and effectively. You will get to know rhetorical techniques and stylistic devices that will help you to bring across your research in a clear and distinguished manner. You will develop compelling ideas and a clear structure for a 5-minute introduction to your research topic tailored to a specified audience.

In the afternoon session, participants are clustered in one-hour small group remote working sessions to practice their talk and receive individualized coaching. Constructive feedback from the trainer and the other participants will provide you with professional input and offer benchmarks to assess the effect of your presentations.

On the second day you will meet live to work on your vocal and non-verbal skills in order to optimize your delivery in front of an audience. You will learn to take control of breathing, voice, facial expressions, gestures and body language. In the afternoon, speakers give their presentations with individualized feedback, coaching and a recording of their presentation.

On the third day, participants will meet again live to explore, train and optimize best practices for the Q&A session. You will implement strategies to maintain authority, give yourself time to think, structure your response, economize your language and handle challenging questions and comments.

Ric Oquita - you will find information about the trainer on the following website:

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