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Ca_01: PRESENCE Career transition from research to business

For doctoral resaerchers from all research fields | Level all

Date: 06.-07.03.2023
Time: 09.00 - 17.00 incl. 1 h lunchbreak
Trainer: Prof. Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels
Language: English
Participants: max. 12 persons
Credit Point: will be recognized with 0,75 CP for RS Certificate

This workshop will support you in your personal career planning if you want to continue your career after your doctorate in a job in business or industry.

If you think…

  • that your career may involve more than the research you're familiar with - but you're not quite sure what that might be
  • that you would like to know more about your options and your personal requirements for a career change from research to business

... this workshop can support you and accompany you in the process to ...

  • analyze and understand your personal reasons for changing careers
  • identify your personal competencies and compare them with non-research job requirements
  • understand how networks can support you in finding non-research jobs
  • outline a strategic plan of action for your career change
  • be inspired by the trainer's own experience of a career change from research to business

You will deepen, reflect and concretize important aspects of your career planning: e. g. discussion of your CV, cover letter for applications, job advertisements, templates for letters of reference or the simulation of application situations. The workshop supports you in  further identifying important topics of your own career reflections in exchange with other participants and the trainer's expertise.

Knowing yourself is an important prerequisite for shaping your own career. Therefore, the participants should be prepared to discuss personal motives, values ​​and competencies in the workshop.


Prof. Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels has held a professorship in industrial and occupational psychology (FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management, Düsseldorf) since 2014. She has a doctorate in psychology and neuroscience (RUB IGSN and RS Alumna (2005-2008)) and is trained as a "Systemic Management Coach". She was an IT strategy management consultant at Accenture from 2009-2020. She is the mother of a preschool and second grade child.

She runs the website

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