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Ca_14: E-learning-course: Career transition from research to business

For doctoral researchers from all research fields | Level all

E-learning course with video presentations & workbook

Language: English

You will work through this course individually. You will get the access information after your registration.

The e-learning-course supports you to prepare a career outside academia. It provides basic knowledge and offers exercises for your personal reflection. It conveys important knowledge in video presentations and provides a workbook that helps you to implement and use the knowledge conveyed in the videos for your own career planning.

The E-Learning course guides you to…

  • analyze and understand your personal reasons for changing careers
  • identify your personal competencies
  • understand your own motivations, values and aims
  • reflect possible ways of working

If you are interested in profiling, deepening and extending your career planning perspectives you are most welcome to join one of the following workshops in addition:
Ca_10: Career transition from research to business (Workshop + this preceding e-learning-course)
Ca_12: Workshop (+ vorausgehender E-Learning-Kurs): Karrierewechsel aus der Forschung in die Wirtschaft

The course is designed and offered by:

Prof. Dr. Eleonore Soei-Winkels has held a professorship in industrial and occupational psychology (FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie & Management, Düsseldorf) since 2014. She has a doctorate in psychology and neuroscience (RUB IGSN and RS Alumna (2005-2008)) and is trained as a "Systemic Management Coach". She was an IT strategy management consultant at Accenture from 2009-2020. She is the mother of a preschool and second grade child.

She runs the website

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