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Details on Bernardino de Souza Pereira Jovani:

RUB Faculty, Institute Biology and Biotechnology
Type of Project Package Application
International Research Institution The Herbarium the New York Botanical Garden, and United State Herbarium
Location New York, USA
Report During the period of 16th May to 6th June, I was in the USA, in order to visit two herbaria, as well as to take part in a conference. Particularly in New York herbarium, I got to know Dr. Robbin Moran, one of the biggest pteridophytes expect. Besides consulting the plants collection in Washington DC., I met there Dr. Carl Taylor (one expert in the genus Isoetes) and Dr. Elisabeth Zimmer (research botanist and herbarium curator). We arranged a meeting in which we discussed a collaboration involving studies with the genus Isoetes. In Washington DC. I attended a Conference in which the new studies in pteridophytes were introduced to me. I am thankful to the RUB Research School for its funding.
Cooperation Partner

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