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Details on Strauch Christina:

RUB Faculty, Institute Department of Neurophysiology, Medical Faculty
Type of Project Package Applicatsion
International Research Institution Emotional Brain Institute, Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research and SfN annual meeting
Location Orangeburg and Chicago, USA
Report With the funding by the RS PLUS I had the opportunity to combine the participation of a conference taking place in Chicago with the visit of a laboratory in the Nathan Kline Institute. At the largest conference in the field of neuroscience I presented a poster with results of my PhD studies and attended several interesting symposia and lectures. I discussed my and others data and met important scientists focusing on my or related research topics. During the lab visit, in the group of one of the most important scientists in my field of research, I gave a talk to him and his lab members. I intensively discussed new ideas and my data, and got deeper insights into the methods they use.
Cooperation Partner

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