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Details on Kortewille Bianca:

RUB Faculty, Institute Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Type of Project Package Application
International Research Institution Operando Molecular Spectroscopy & Catalysis Lab, Lehigh University
Location Betlehem, PA, US
Report My research stay and conference participation was funded by RS PLUS. It was a great opportunity to stay in Prof. Wachs’ group for four weeks. He is an internationally recognized expert on single-site and monolayer catalysts of vanadium for thermal catalysis. As I am studying vanadium oxide in photocatalysis we had fruitful discussions and could exchange experiences on these catalyst systems. Using the in situ Raman spectrometer I could identify the molecular structure of my catalysts which will be beneficial for the progress of my Ph. D. project. In addition, I had the chance to present my research at the ACS Meeting in Boston and to take part in a symposium on Catalysis by Mixed Oxides.
Cooperation Partner www.lehigh.edu/operando/index.html

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