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Details on Pal Shovon:

RUB Faculty, Institute Chair of Applied Solid State Physics; Physics and Astronomy
Type of Project Package Application
International Research Institution Nano-Photonics Group, Department of Physics, University of Basel
Location Basel, CH
Report The research visit to Nano-photonics lab, chaired by Prof. Richard Warburton was a success and met all the expectations I had for this visit. I learnt some new experimental methods for example resonance fluorescence for measuring single quantum dot emission and also developing micro-cavities by CO2 laser ablation. I was given an opportunity to present my doctoral work as a seminar in the group. We had fruitful discussions on the scientific front including the exchange of knowledge on experimental skills. We have a possibility to start a new project with our quantum dots integrated with two dimensional electron gas, with an aim to investigate the charge and spin noise in our heterostructures.
Cooperation Partner https://nano-photonics.unibas.ch/

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