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Details on Nordzieke Daniela:

RUB Faculty, Institute Department of General and Molecular Botany
Type of Project Gateway Fellowship
International Research Institution University of Cordoba; Department of Genetics
Location Cordoba, ES
Report In the tomato pathogen Fusarium oxysporum, compounds secreted by the roots trigger chemotropic growth of the fungus towards the host plant. Deduced from these results, the scholar proposed that reactive oxygen species generating enzymes, NADPH oxidases (Nox), are essential for this recognition process. Indeed, she was able to show that a Nox isoform is inevitable for the chemotropic response. Further, she expanded the knowledge about Nox function in phytopathogenic fungi and identified putative downstream targets which may link Nox-derived ROS to MAPK activation. To analyze these processes further, the scholar was invited to extend her stay in the host institute after the Gateway Fellowship.
Cooperation Partner www.uco.es/ingenhongos/index.php

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