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Details on Maaske Andre:

RUB Faculty, Institute Abteilung für Molekulare und Medizinische Virologie
Type of Project Lab Visit/ Research Stay
International Research Institution KU Leuven; Pneumology
Location Leuven, BE
Report The RS Plus funding allowed me to visit the department of pneumology at KU Leuven in Belgium for a weeklong research stay. This stay was necessary to gain valuable data for my PhD project, which I couldn’t produce here and offered me opportunities to gain insights for my whole project from a different point of view. The research we were able to do together was very successful and will result in at least one joint publication. Besides these quite tangible outcomes, I was working together with the Belgian scientists very closely during that whole week, which strengthened the contact between our two work groups tremendously.
Cooperation Partner www.kuleuven.be/wieiswie/en/person/u0033170

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