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Details on Albrecht Malte:

RUB Faculty, Institute Physics and Astronomy, Experimental Hadron Physics
Type of Project Lab Visit/ Research Stay
International Research Institution Univerity of Hawai'i at Manoa
Location Honolulu/ San Jose/ Morgantown, US
Report The grant from RSPlus enabled me to realize a very fruitful research stay at the University of Hawai'i (UH) in fall 2014. The physicists at UH as well as the group here at RUB are part of an international collaboration called BES-III, which is operating a particle detector located at an electron-positron accelerator in Beijing, China. One of the goals of this experiment is to search for yet unobserved ("exotic") particles. During my stay I was able to analyze data from the BES-III experiment with the help of the experts at UH. The project I carried out is an important addition to my studies here in Bochum and I could greatly benefit from the knowledge and support of the team at UH.
Cooperation Partner www.phys.hawaii.edu

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