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Details on Knauer Beate:

RUB Faculty, Institute IGSN
Type of Project Conference/ Summerschool/ Workshop
International Research Institution Monash University
Location Melbourne, AU
Report This conference visit war particularly important for my upcoming post doctoral phase. During Neuroscience 2013, I established a contact for a potential post doctoral position. In this year's Neuroscience 2014, I had the opportunity to refresh and intensify this contact and we further specified the project by focusing on the potential role of the claustrum in parkinson's disease. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to attend the first meeting of researchers interested in the claustrum and thereby expanded my network. In addition, I distinguished myself by having presented the successful application of a drug which could not be used by several researchers due of its instability.
Cooperation Partner www.claustrumsociety.org/index.html

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