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Details on Heynick Jesse:

RUB Faculty, Institute Philosophie II
Type of Project Conference (IRB)
International Research Institution 16th International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning
Location Cape Town, ZA
Report In this joint work with Christian Strasser, we make a contribution to the unification of formal models of defeasible reasoning. We present several translations between formal argumentation frameworks and nonmonotonic logics for reasoning with plausible assumptions. More specifically, we translate adaptive logics (ALs) into assumption-based argumentation (ABA) and ASPIC+, ASPIC+ into ABA and a fragment of ABA into ALs. ALs are closely related to default assumptions and to a significant class of systems within the tradition of preferential semantics in the vein of KLM and Shoham. Thus, our results also provide close links between formal argumentation and the latter approaches.
Cooperation Partner nmr2016.cs.uct.ac.za

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