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Details on Meißner Tobias Waldmar:

RUB Faculty, Institute Psychology
Type of Project Conference (IRB)
International Research Institution Vision Science Society
Location St Pete Beach, FL, US
Report My high expectations for my first int. conference were fully met. Interested in my poster was high. I received great input/ advice on my project and had in-depth discussions from leading scientists like Tessa Dekker (UCL)/ luminaries in my field like Nancy Kanwisher (MIT) and Kalanit Grill-Spector (Stanford). I think, I was able to establish myself and RUB as a new player in my reseach area. In addition, I was able to meet with Nicholas Turk-Browne (Yale) in person, who uses a variety of state-of-the-art reseach methods and analysis tools that might be applicable to my own research at RUB. He accepted my request to spend 3 month in his lab to learn new methods in spring 2018.
Cooperation Partner www.visionsciences.org

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