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Details on Fels Katja:

RUB Faculty, Institute Economics
Type of Project Lab Visit / Research Stay
International Research Institution The Australian National University (ANU)
Location Canberra, AU
Report My cumulative dissertation in Economics includes co-authored work with researchers from The Australian National University. I was very happy about the opportunity of having a 6 weeks research stay in Canberra from February to April 2017 to work closely together on data analysis and the write up of results. It was this research stay that made it possible to publish a working paper in a very short period of time. A follow-up visit to Australia in December 2017 enabled me to present my work at the AASLE-conference and at the Melbourne Institute. As we had received referee comments on the working paper in the meantime, I also worked on improving the paper. We will resubmit it for publication in a peer-reviewed Economics journal in January 2018. Biddle, N., K. Fels und M. Sinning (2017), Behavioral Insights and Business Taxation: Evidence from Two Randomized Controlled Trials. Ruhr Economic Papers #698. RUB, RWI. DOI: 10.4419/86788812. Online: www.rwi-essen.de/media/content/pages/publikationen/ruhr-economic-papers/rep_17_698.pdf
Cooperation Partner https://taxpolicy.crawford.anu.edu.au/

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