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Details on Event Organisation:

RUB Faculty, Institute Historisches Institut
Type of Project Event Organisation
International Research Institution McGill University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Universitat de Girona, Universiteit Leiden, University of Nottingham
Location Bochum, DE
Report The PR.INT workshop “Spoils in the Middle Roman Republic - An Economy of Plunder” brought together a group of scholars from Canada, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany to discuss the role of spoils – defined as a forcefully initiated process of resource reallocation – for the creation and maintenance of the Imperium Romanum. Discussions focused on the acquisition and distribution of external resources as well as its impact on society. The workshop was a great success and yielded remarkable and potentially ground-breaking insights into the “classical” period of the Roman Republic. The established contacts will ensure that the RUB remains part of the vibrant debate on republican Rome.
Cooperation Partner

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