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Take a look at our Hall of Fame and the exciting projects supported by the Research School PLUS. New projects are coming soon... maybe yours?

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Location International Research Institution RUB Faculty, Institute Type of Project Name
Cairo, EG n/a Institute of Development Research and Development Policy Field Research Beier Raffael
Delhi, IN India Habitat Centre IEE Conference / Summer School / Workshops Beier Raffael
Colcheste, UK University of Essex Social Science Conference Beil Sebastian
Ulm, Germany Universität Ulm Mathematics Conference Berghaus Betina
New York City, USA New York University Economics and Business Administration Conference Bergheim Ralf
Madrid, Spain IMEBE Economics and Business Administration Conference Bergheim Ralf
Rome, Italy LUISS Università Guido Carli Economics and Business Administration Workshop Bergheim Ralf
Haifa, Israel Society for mathemaitcal psychology Economics and Business Administration Summer School Bergheim Ralf
Curitiba, Urubici, Vacaria, Brazil Biology and Biotechnology Field Research Bernardino de Souza Pereira Jovani
New York, USA The Herbarium the New York Botanical Garden, and United State Herbarium Biology and Biotechnology Package Application Bernardino de Souza Pereira Jovani